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Get the prologue to Agent. Mother. Other. 

An ex-covert agent. A loving mother. An unknown power.


Rachel’s life on the human colonised planet of Tir-na is perfect. She lives in a comfortable dome house nestled amongst trees with her twenty-year-old son Sam, and is often surrounded by peace and quiet. Life is good. But secretly, part of herself wars against this life.

On the night of her forty-ninth birthday, after a night celebrating on the town, Sam is kidnapped. With no ransom demands or clues, Rachel must re-enter a shady and dangerous world she had hoped to leave in her past and rely on deadly skills she had once perfected. In a race against the clock and her son’s life on the line, Rachel unlocks forgotten powers and finally confronts the truth of her past to save her present. But just how far will she go to save her son? And will it be enough to set them free?  

AMO - Prologue 

187 AC (After Colonisation)

Rachel Tomsen is in labour, but when intruders enter her home, she is forced to flee and find somewhere safe to give birth to her son.

Agent. Mother. Other. Will be released as a fortnightly  serial . Each week we will send you a link in the newsletter to download the latest chapter. But don't fear if you have missed a chapter as all previous chapters will also be available for download.

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