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Agent. Mother. Other.
by Sharn Lee 

An ex-covert agent. A loving mother. An unknown power.

Rachel’s tranquil life on the terraformed planet of Tir-na is shattered when her twenty-year-old son vanishes without a trace. With no ransom demands or clues, she must confront her past and re-enter the treacherous world of the Agency she once abandoned.


In a high-stakes race against time, Rachel relies on her deadly agent skills and unlocks forgotten powers, embracing the shocking truth of her past. From the plant-covered solar-punk city of Crayn to a nomadic metropolis built upon colossal wheels, relentlessly rolling across The Wastes, her unwavering love drives her to unimaginable lengths.


As the seconds tick away, can Rachel rewrite her destiny and shield her family from an impending threat? Will her rekindled abilities be enough to save her son, or will they be her ultimate downfall?


Prepare for a pulse-pounding journey of sacrifice, redemption, and the indomitable spirit of a mother fighting against all odds. Secrets will be unveiled, alliances will be tested, and in the midst of peril, the true impact of the past will be revealed. 

Agent. Mother. Other. is available now in print and eBook. Head to the above link to purchase your copy now!


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