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Andy's Imagin-asium: Workout of the Week 2

Welcome to Andy’s Imagin-asium

Work Out of the week number 2

This week's workout is going to be a fun one and all about discovery.

The track for this week is:

A Better Beginning, By John Paesano, From the Mass Effect Andromeda Soundtrack

This is an uplifting exciting track to help get the creative juices flowing!

Your workout is as follows:

  1. Get the music ready on your device.

  2. Get outside and go for a walk, preferably somewhere nice and safe. But if you can't get comfy under your blanket of choice.

  3. Listen to the music and follow the below workout:

    1. This weeks workout is all about discovery. While listening to music I want you to imagine you or your MC discovering something totally mind blowing. It can be treasure, it can be remnants of an ancient civilization, it can be their one true love, or it could be an alien space ship. Remember there are no wrong answers. But you must imagine every aspect of the scene and incorporate all of your senses. You may want to run through the activity several times adding in a new layer of detail each time until it hits just right.

  4. And finally, hit me up on twitter ( ) or Bards up ( ) on Twitter and let me know what you came up with 🎧

And that's your Imagin-asium workout of the week!

Remember to stay hydrated and stretch throughout the day ;)

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