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Bards Lost in The Metaverse Episode 17 - Invoke in 2023

And………… we’re back for 2023.

Since it’s the start of a new year, Sharn and Andy spend this episode talking about their goals and dreams for 2023.

After a quick chat about both of their eventful Christmas breaks (spoiler… Andy’s family got COVID and Sharn got tonsillitis and a sprained ankle), they then dived into discussing what their goals are for the podcast, for their business Invoke Creations, for their books , music and art, and finally their personal goal. Below is a list of their main goals so you can all follow along on their journey and see if they manage to achieve them by year’s end.

Goals for Bards Lost in the Metaverse Podcast:

  • Start having episodes where we interview guests

  • Continue to release weekly (baring travel, sickness, etc)

  • Shorten the time between recording and release

  • Tentative audio drama one shots (back half of the year)

  • Update logo/social media identity

Goals for their business Invoke Creations:

  • Focus on growing our subscribers

  • Learning Social Media marketing

  • Do a proper photo shoot

  • Professionalise the website

Goals for what we want to do in the world of Web3:

  • Get our own wallets

  • Develop NFT art works

  • Spend some actual time in the Metaverse

  • Stay more across the moving world of web3/nfts/metaverses/crypto

  • Engage more in twitter and discord

Goals for Sharn’s book Agent. Mother. Other.:

  • Find and use professional editor

  • Find cover designer

  • Release paperback/ebook versions of A.M.O. early November

  • Organise distribution channels for book release

  • Tir-na book 2 skeleton completed and start writing proper first draft

  • Tentative audio book podcast of A.M.O. - review in April

Goals for Invoke Sounds:

  • Continue weekly releases

  • Release quarterly albums

  • Get videos and cover art designed for Invoke Sounds

Goals for Andy’s book Star Ranger:

  • Continue with weekly release schedule (Eeek)

  • Start on book 1.5

  • Begin audio drama/AI audiobook version

  • Create related ambient tracks for the tube!

  • Create Star Ranger Website to make uploading everything easier

  • First draft of book 1 finished by Easter

Goals for Invoke Arts:

  • Keep on keeping on

  • Do 1-3 traditional art courses

  • Keep up with chapter covers

  • Draw more in the A5 sketch book

Sharn’s Personal Goals

  • Teach dance during the year

  • Attend 1 night of dance class a week

  • Morning fitness classes 2-3 times a week

  • 4 days a week at work

  • Begin Invoke day

  • Focus on being consistent

  • Prioritise fun time with family

  • Improve writing skills

  • Complete self publishing course through Self Publishing University run by Mark Dawson and James Blatch

  • Level up all skills for Invoke

Andy’s Personal Goals:

  • Go to the gym everyday

  • Work at night 5 nights a week

  • Improve skateboarding skills

  • Family adventures in Sydney

  • Do some actual Skill Share and Udemy courses

  • Listen to/read more fiction

  • Play video games

As you can see, we have a lot to do. Hope you all have fun following along to see if we can accomplish it all!

You can find this podcast episode (and all our other episodes) here: , or directly on your favourite streaming services.

NOTE: Everything discussed during the podcast is simply our own interpretation of information we come across as we research topics, or is commentary based on our own personal experiences. We highly encourage everyone to conduct their own research into topics of interest as information, especially in the technical space, changes regularly.

Music track featured this week was titled Golden Leaf and can be viewed/listened to here:

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As always, we’re off to put our bums on seats and do some work, so until next time stay dangerous!




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