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Imaginasium Workout No. 3!

It’s now time to enter Andy’s Imagin-asium

Welcome to the Imagin-asium!- Work Out of the week number 3

This week's workout is going to push you a little harder than last time to help you make those creativity gains!

The track for this week is: SoothSayer (instrumental) by Zach Hemesy

Your workout is as follows:

  1. Get the music ready on your device.

  2. Get outside and go for a walk, preferably somewhere nice and safe. But if you can't get comfy under your blanket of choice.

  3. Listen to the music and follow the below workout:

    • In this week's workout I have a specific task for you. I want you to picture your Main Character (or yourself) waking up after sleeping all day. You put on your jeans,boots, leather jacket, and favourite tech accessories. You then head downstairs and head out the front door of your apartment block in Mega City 1. Que music. I want you to imagine what you see in this futuristic city. Is it a cyberpunk style city, is it more of a Utopia, you tell me. Follow along with the music as you adventure through the city. Just a heads up there is a quieter down tempo part in the middle of the track before it builds back up… why would that be the case in the scene you have created?

    • As always add all the layers to your little narrative with your different senses and feel free to do it a couple of different times.

4. And finally, hit me up on twitter (@AndyMacCreative) or Bards (@Invokecrations) and let me know what you came up with 🎧

And that's your Imagin-asium workout of the week! Remember to stay hydrated and stretch throughout the day ;)



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