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Welcome to the Imagin-asium - Work out of the week number 1

Welcome to the first Work out of the Week at the brand new Imagin-asium.

The goal of the Imagin-asium is to help you improve your imagination and creativity, which will hopefully make you a better author, artist or just allround human.

The first workout of the week is a good one to start you on.

The track for this week is: BT-7274 By Stephen Barton, From the Titanfall 2 Soundtrack.

This is an epic track that goes way too hard for a character theme from a video game, and happens to be one of my favourite pieces of music!

Your workout is as follows:

  1. Find yourself some ‘you’ time. This can be while going outside for a walk (my preferred option) or sitting on the couch under your favourite blanket. You do you.

  2. Play the above piece of music using your music player or streaming service of choice.

  3. Imagine what is happening to the protagonist of your story while the music plays. ‘But Andy, I'm not writing a book like you?!’ Don't worry, that's fine. If you are an artist imagine what you would paint, draw, ink, sculpt etc to represent this track. Not an artist either? Then perhaps you are the hero of this story, what would you be doing while this music plays? Are you fighting a dragon with your magic powers? Are you parkour racing across the rooftops of a cyberpunk city to save your bestie from certain doom?

  4. Remember there are no wrong answers here but do your best to imagine every aspect you can. What do you hear, smell and feel in your little short story. What are the colours, temperature and emotions you or your character are going through.

  5. If you are up for the challenge do this several times but change the scenario each time.

  6. And last step, hit me or Bards up on Twitter and let me know what you came up with :)

Stay dangerous out there and let your imagination soar!



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